Towing Application

FREE Roadside Assistance Application

Our mobile application is developed to connect people in need of roadside assistance with the companies that offer such a service. Using the GPS signal on your mobile device, we help you to find the most suitable service thus saving you time and money!

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STEP 1 Browse and Download the app to your mobile device via Google Play, App Store, Viva Play or some other hub.
STEP 2 Install the app and activate the GPS signal on your device. This is required for precise alignment of the results.
STEP 3 Start the app and select the menu “NEAR ME”.  The system will offer you the nearest towns to you. Select the most convenient one.
STEP 4 Explore the proposed system results and choose the tow company.  You’ll see how far from you it is and you can give a call.


Frequently Asked Questions

How ranking in the "NEAR ME" section?

The arrangement results in the “NEAR ME” serction is by detecting your location. The database of our application introduced the locations of roadside assistance companies. Thus, the application calculates the distance between the two points. The arrangement is in ascending order, the nearest tow service shows up as the first result.

How raking in the section "PHONE BOOK"?

At this moment, the method of visualization of search results of “PHONE BOOK” sercion is random.  An exception are paid services for a companies which are offering roadside assistance service.

How much costs the registration of a roadside assistance company?

The registration of a roadside assistance company in our system is completely FREE!

Do you offer paid services?

Yes, we offer paid services aimed at roadside assistance service comapnies. You can see the extras that we offer in our Towing Market.

How can I register as roadside assistance company in the app?

Anyone who provides roadside assistance service could to be included in our database. The procedure takes less than a minute. To add your company, you just need to fill out our virtual form, then we will contact you.

How can I be removed in the application?

If we’re not justify your confidence and you want to be removed (deleted) from the app, then please use the contact form on the website. As soon as it possible we will contact you to assist you.

Which version of Android is required to run the application?

For proper and smooth functioning of the application, operating system requirements are Android Version 4.4.2 or higher.


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Map with the location of the partners involved in Towing App.


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  • Andorra – Coming Soon
  • Armenia – Coming Soon
  • Austria – Coming Soon
  • Azerbaijan – Coming Soon
  • Belarus – Coming Soon
  • Belgium – Coming Soon
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Coming Soon
  • Bulgaria – 100%
  • Croatia – Coming Soon
  • Cyprus – Coming Soon
  • Czech Republic – Coming Soon
  • Denmark – Coming Soon
  • Estonia – Coming Soon
  • Finland – Coming Soon
  • France – Coming Soon
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  • Luxembourg – Coming Soon
  • Macedonia – Coming Soon
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  • Monaco – Coming Soon
  • Montenegro – Coming Soon
  • Netherlands – Coming Soon
  • Norway – Coming Soon
  • Poland – Coming Soon
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  • Russia – Coming Soon
  • San Marino – Coming Soon
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